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Como Viajar por el mundo, siempre

Viajar, por le mundo… Un sueño de muchos, pero solo vida de pocos.  Parece un misterio o imposible de lograr.

Seguramente te has preguntado esto:

¿Como es posible encontra un trabajo donde algún jefe no te obligue a llegar a las 9 de la mañana y terminar a las 5 o a veces más tarde?

¿Como la gente lo logra?

¿Qué hacen?

Si eres, de esas personas esto es para tí.  ¡Nos he contáctado con una nomada digital real!

Si vas a su instagram no vas a ver nada más que maravillosos paisajes, e increibles fotografías! Es la vida soñada de muchos, como dije anteriormente.

Tuvimos la suerte de poder conversar con ella, y la verdad una chica maravillosa.  Muy amable y cariñosamente aceptó respondernos algunas preguntas.

Debajo nos cuenta como logra viajar, pero mejor aún como comenzó.  Ya que es la parte donde la mayoría se queda estancado.  Finalmente, un par de consejos que podrá ayudarte en tu busca de felicidad!

Leelo, comparte y motivate a buscar lo que quieres.  Estamos en la mejor era del ser humano.  Con tu laptop y smartphone puedes lograr maravillosos objetivos!

Solo tienes que buscarlo y lanzarte!

Lucie, nos cuenta como logra viajar y literalmente vivir la vida que ella siempre quizo!

Instagram: @luciesydney

  • What inspired you having this life?

I quit my 9-5 job back in 2017 because I needed a break from the corporate environment and was at a turning point in my life. It was also the perfect timing to accomplish what I’ve dreamt of forever: a solo trip around the world for 6 months – from Australia to Canada, stopping by Asia and Alaska.

Along the way, I met people who were actually traveling and living at the same time. The word « Digital Nomad » clicked in and I knew it was exactly what I wanted to be myself.

  • How do you manage to afford this?

I saved lots of money when I left Paris, rented my apartment, invested in cryptocurrencies, co-founded an online shop and worked freelance on some social media projects. But to be honest, some countries are better than others when you want to be a digital nomad. Most of those I’ve met would tell you that Asia seems the best option when living a nomadic lifestyle including Thailand and Indonesia.

  • What was your biggest fear?

Traveling solo as a woman was amongst my biggest fear. You never know what might happen or who you could meet – turning from a nice moment to a nightmare. I think I’ve developed a sixth sense to avoid those fearful moments and get lucky that nothing really bad ever happened to me. Otherwise, thinking that I could have made a mistake by leaving friends, family and a certain stability for the unknown is a common fear. You never know where the day might take you.

  • What was your biggest challenge ?

Was and still a big challenge is to manage to earn money while traveling. Money is one of the keys to enjoying and still being able to travel from one place #paradise to another. It’s quite challenging to find new clients every month.

  • Do you consider yourself a happy person and why ?

That’s actually a really good question 🙂 I would say yes 98% of the time. I’m definitely happy and satisfied to have found the right balance between work and quality of life. But – there is always a « but » in any beautiful story, I still have moments where I doubt or feel homesick. Is there anyone who is always happy? If yes, please contact me, I want your trick 😉

  • What is your one advice?

Never give up. You’ll always meet people who will be either judgmental or would work/ do things better than you. Don’t listen to these little negative voices or impressions. Just keep doing what makes you happy.

  • One thing I would have wanted to know?

Traveling that much means having to pack light. It might be difficult for female and shopaholic (like I used to be). I would have loved to know that my wardrobe would consist of 3 colors, 3 pants, 2 dresses, and no heels 😉

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